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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not going to get it all done

For a bit of gloom now another reason I didn't write for so long is we had terrible news from Nell's 10 One little girlie at 13 weeks had to be put to sleep from a freak accident and then some 2 weeks later one of the dog pup's died, how can that be and having never lost babies on a whole it just killed me off....As you never ever want to sell puppies to loving homes and for this to happen...The idea is to bring joy into peoples lives and well it just suffocated me as I was so proud the 10 made it, well you can imagine.

We had Jack and Jilly still so how could it not be mended as best as we could and hopefully though these poor babies could not be replaced as such both families came along and now own Jack and Jilly and the nice thing being I will still get to see them as they were here for 16 weeks so its obvious we had grown attached
Some pic's of them and more to follow
Jilly in her new home and have some more of her she looks so much like her Mum now

Have some more pic's of Nell's 10 but wanted just to post these 2 for now to end this update

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